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Birth Mothers Never Forget!
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Hi.... Welcome to the Torn Asunder Adoption Reunion Registry Of Florida.

Chances are you have found this site because adoption has touched your life.

Please take your time and look around.   There's oodles of information here, covering all aspects of Adoption Search & Reunion in Florida.   If you have looked at everything including the FAQs and you still have questions or can't find what you need,  drop me a line,  I will do what I can to help you get the information you need.

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Please register at the ISRR before doing anything else!

If you are searching in Florida,  SEND ME YOUR POSTso that I can include it in the registry.   Once I receive your info I will also cross check it against the Sunflower Birth Mothers Florida Database.   This database is kept offline and now contains well over 10,000 search posts for this state.  There may be a match waiting for you.



If you are a member of the Adoption Triad,  a friend, or just curious about the effects of adoption on those involved,  please continue on to the next pages.   I think you will find all kinds of handy links,  and information there.   

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**This search engine WILL NOT WORK FOR SEARCHES (it is intended to aid you in finding specific search information and resources on this site) **

It is too time consuming to manually add each search to the engine.   If you are looking for specific search info such as a DOB, lawyer name or birth name,  drop me a line with the approximate year,  and a short explanation of what you are trying to find, and I will run in through the Sunflower database for you.  Those results will not be limited to just one registry.

God Bless each of you,
as you endeavor to heal hearts
through adoption.

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